Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caiden turns 7!

Caiden's birthday was a family affair this year since he had a party in October for Halloween. We waited until Jayson came home to give him his present-which he loved instantly!! Who wouldn't love a new bike for their birthday?!

 The only down side of a birthday in December is that it is freezing out and when you get cool new outside toys, you kind of have to wait to use them until it warms up. :(  Caiden tested it out anyways-at least there was no snow.

After a short test drive on the bike we let Caiden pick where he wanted to eat and he chose Texas Roadhouse. He loves the rolls there and I think he would make a meal out of just those if we let him.  I think he had at least three of them. 

The staff sang him happy birthday and had him sit on the saddle - not sure if he loved all that attention or not but he did like sitting on the saddle.

Monkey see, monkey do. Of course Paxton had to sit on the saddle too after Caiden did. Cute little devil! We sure do love our Caiden. He is the best big brother and such a good little helper when he wants to be.

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